Faculty hiring tips

Note that anyone who can act as identity fraud can also forge a profile, so we advise you to take the subsequent steps for your safety.


Background check

Before selecting an instructor, you should run a background check. For just Rs.__________, you can run a background check that covers Social Security number trace, crimes, and several misconducts.

Learn more about background checks.

Revise member feedback

Look at the Student Feedback section of the instructor profile to see tutoring ratings (1 to 5 stars) and pupil reviews from past consumers. You are also clear to request outside sources from the instructor.

In-person coaching, meet in open space

If you prefer to have face-to-face coaching with an instructor, always tell someone in your family about your coaching, where you are going and when you will return. Provide your transportation details and your instructor details to your family. For in-person coaching meet in public space like in a library or a coffee shop, or at home when you're parents are around.

Have a grown-up present

A grown-up should always be present for coaching sessions if the learner is under the age of eighteen.

Keep personal data private

Never enter your last name, e-mail address, home address, contact number, place of work, or any other identifying data in initial e-mail communications. Stop interacting with anyone who urges you for personal or financial information or endeavors in any way to dupe you into sharing it. Do not give personal contact information until you are comfortable and until you have payment information on file among Brilliant Mentors.