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Brilliant Mentors has tnumber of experts . Our evalution process includes written applications, subject estimation, and student ratings and reviews to assure only highly qualified tutors are available to work with. Students can select their course based on a diversity of criteria including education & certifications, practical experience, teaching style, number of hours, and availability. If students are not happy with their faculty for any reason, we will refund and recommend you the better one. We call this our Secured Guarantee.

Huge Network of Experts

(Highly qualified experts)

“Juzz observe marks has been improvement students on Brilliant mentors platform .”

Why partner with Brilliant Mentors?

Easy to Begin

Get your pupils working with the subject matter with the professionals by this time in a week

highly qualified professionals

Network of Mentors

We assist students from school, colleges and universities.

Drive Victory

Increase overall retention rate and enhanced your skills.

Offer Your Support and Mentoring Services

Grow your impact double without any cost.

Manage Pricing

Set limits around your cost and work within your budget.

How Brilliant Mentors Works

Brilliant Mentors offers a target-driven solutions that helps retention scaling with our students’ needs.

Work with us to create a strategic plan or auto-pilot program.


“Juzz observe marks has been improvement students on Brilliant mentors platform .”

We know that the number of skills and subject areas students are learning is nearly infinite, and Brilliant mentors is built to support these needs. Tutors on Brilliant mentors platform are educators and industry professionals with nuanced understandings of their subject matter. By filling in deep knowledge gaps, we get at the heart of the problem, reducing the need for quick fixes along the way.

Wide Range of Expertise

Covers all subject from School, Test Prep, Universities to Govt Body Exams

We believe that all learners can achieve their goals with the right assistance. Pupils who strive and are the most likely to lose need extensive, constant help from a person that is invested in their achievement. Educators and teachers don’t have the time to provide this assistance to an individual student, and existing education solutions are intended to answer one-off topics, not only to build a supportive learning relationship. One-on-one tutoring is the solution, and a Brilliant mentors is the only way to present this type of assistance at scale.

One-to-One Based Tutoring

(Work long-term with the same Faculty)

We have a technoscientific online training tool that draws students and faculty face-to-face in real quick time. Usually expressed as “Useful than an in-person experience,” our collaboration means, multi-channel communication options, and editors for text and code, provide instructors to more efficiently teach even the most intricate theories. Besides assisting learners to build both skill and confidence.

In-Class Experience

(Virtually get online in-class experience)


Easy to Begin

Get your pupils working with the subject matter with the professionals by this time in a week

Brilliant mentors for Higher Education is built for prompt impact. Partnership set-up is quick and minimal effort, so learners can receive specialized guidance that fits their requirements quickly. Our online learning tool is uniquely automatic, guiding students just minutes to learn on their own.

Enhance overall retention and increase course fulfillment rates by double.

Brilliant mentors have encouraged student success in over a thousand academies by presenting a timely resource for pupils who are striving and are most at the chance of losing to progress.
In a recent inspection conducted by a university, Brilliant Mentors was able to boost achievement rates from 50% to 90%, compared to another group that did not use Brilliant Mentors.

Extend Your Support & Tutoring Services

Build your influence double without any cost.

Though most academies have coaching centers and existing help services, even the biggest and most resourced groups are not able to include all the specific requirements of students.  

Brilliant mentors' unmatched extent of teacher expertise helps institutions prolong their coverage and present targeted help on time. Think of Brilliant mentors as an expansion of your team that can grow and retreats on demand.

Fixed limits around pricing and act within your budget.

We know that institutions need to maintain their costs. Brilliant mentors allow officials and professionals to set limits including best hourly rate, charges per student over some time, number of coaching sessions per section, and total prices for all learners.

Manage Costs

Over 12,000 subjects

Wide Range of Expertise

Work long-term with the same tutor

One-to-One Based Tutoring

Online learning and in-person both is better.

First-Class Platform

Unlike on-demand homework help that provides “quick fixes,” Brilliant mentors tutors drive student retention by getting to the heart of any academic problem with 1-on-1, relationship-based tutoring and a best-in-class platform.

— Brilliant Mentor, administrator

Allow access to Brilliant Mentors for students that need additional help.


Students connect with an specialist of their choice, and receive tutoring via Brilliant Mentors online learning tool.


Headperson will get strong and timely metrics about student progress and engagement.


— Brilliant Mentor, administrator

“My mentor was experienced, kind, and extremely helpful in clearing my doubts. I just passed a class which i highly doubt that i would failed. But I took few sessions with my mentor on Brilliant Mentors they helped me with every aspect, and i cleared my exam. If I can, you can too."

— X grade student, Mumbai

Brilliant Mentors drives retention rates of students by solving deep details gaps through one-on-one, based tutoring.  

Brilliant Mentors is one of the online network of professionals in every subject. in virtually every subject.





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